Our Site cleaning Department Consists of several Car Runs and Ambassadors located throughout the country, cleaning unmanned service stations.


With over 10 car runs located throughout the country we can cover from the Top of the North Island to the very bottom of the South Island. It is our expertise and knowledge that provides us in our high Quality work and customer satisfaction that we bring to over 150 Service Stations.

In current times Customers are further on edge in regards to sanitization and a feel on safety when they are onsite. With making them feel comfortable on a clean site they will be sure to return. COVID-19 is tough on everyone, with us being an essential service we can undertake all cleaning in all alert Levels.


Our Cleaning process as below:

  • Pumps

  • OPTS

  • Forecourts

  • Site Reporting

  • Monitoring Wells


WayDgo Site Care


WayDgo Site Care