What we offer

WayDgo is New Zealand owned and operated. Providing HOT water-blasting services to commercial properties and servicing of fuel stations across New Zealand. We pride ourselves in providing exceptionally high standards, our work ethic and staff will always demonstrate the perfect WayDgo.

Let us handle your commercial water-blasting and exterior cleaning needs, We have Trucks located throughout the North Island with scheduled runs frequently to the South Island.


WayDgo Hot Water Blasting

Waydgo Site care is New Zealand’s leading commercial and Domestic Hot Water blasting specialists. We have Trucks located throughout the country providing specialized Hot Water Blasting from our Fully trained Water Blasters.

WayDgo Roof Treatments

Yearly Roof and Gutter Treatments can repel all that unwanted moss and lichen growing on your Roofs at both Home and work. For a low cost per year, this can save your Roofs life span, saving you money in the long run.


WayDgo Site Care

Our Site cleaning Department consists of several Car Runs and Ambassadors located throughout the country, cleaning unmanned service stations. It is our expertise and knowledge that provides us in our high Quality work and customer satisfaction that we bring to over 150 Service Stations.

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The three components that make us different to normal cold wash water blasting:

  1. Hot Water can remove Mold and Grime easier, bringing the finished product to a
    Higher Standard


  2. High Pressure of up to 3200PSI PLUS HOT
    WATER is the best combination to clean your
    Buildings or Hard surfaces more efficiently


  3. Time is Money, so our Water blasters are hard
    workers, to give you the best result in the most effective Time

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“We have used WayDgo site care services many times and every time we have had exceptional service”

Farmer Autoville Group Managing Director

Mike Farmer