Our Services

WayDgo Site Care is 100% New Zealand Owned and Operated. We provide a range of services for Site cleaning of Petrol Stations, Large and Small Commercial Buildings, Domestic Houses and Hard Surface Areas. We pride ourselves on High quality work with efficiency of all tasks at hand, our work ethic and staff will always demonstrate the perfect WayDgo.

Let us handle your commercial water-blasting and exterior cleaning needs, we have water-blasting trucks located throughout the country.

10% Off with WayDgo

If you refer us to any future customer and we receive the job, you’ll receive a 10% discount, just like that!
Even more, if we secure your next building wash you’ll also receive a 10% discount, easy as that!

Terms and Conditions:

  • Payment or Credit will not be completed until the potential Job has been secured and completed.

  • Customer will be discounted from there Job, not the referral

  • Discount only lasts 3 weeks after the date the job is completed

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“We have used WayDgo site care services many times and every time we have had exceptional service”

Farmer Autoville Group Managing Director

Mike Farmer